ARCHIPEL Lab – Archipelago I.-VI.

LAB: Work in progress since 2013.
ARCHIPEL I.-VI. – series of six sound-installations.

Funded by Kunststiftung Nordrhein Westfalen, 2014.
Funded by Abteilung A9 Kultur des Landes Steiermark, 2013.


The brain is constantly working
with any and be it completely
weak traces of
self-organization, and sometimes
it creates an order,
in places nice and calming,
but also crueler than the previous one
state of ignorance. How far
you even have to go back
to find the beginning?

W. G. SEBALD: After nature – an elemental poem.

I.    lose enden
II.   schlagartig klar
III.  You have gone to the finest school
IV.   Zorn greift Raum
V.    Ein unsichtbares Pony
VI.   Theorie des Flimmerns


As an extension of my previous sound installation practice, the listener/visitor shall be more in the focus of the installative sound-space situation. As a space-influencing and -defining body, the visitor becomes part of the respective work. ARCHIPEL is also a series of works that incorporate different types of space as playing partners of sound art. By combining the structural and tonal characteristics of the place with certain speaker- and material-arrangements (e.g. membranes, foils, cables, microphones, tripods) into an environment for concentrated perception (expanded field), the presence of the visitor can also become part of the perceptual situation for him and third parties. Therfore, the relation between sound installation, unknown space and visitors is fundamental to the conception of every installation of ARCHIPEL.

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