A spatial sound-composition for Helder Tenor Recorder and IKO.
Premiere 25th and 26th October 2018 at Acker Stadt Palast Berlin.

“Semaphor” is a spatial sound-composition for two pioneering instruments, which are explored both practically and theoretically by the artists Susanne Fröhlich and gksh:
Helder Tenor recorder and the Icosahedral loudspeaker (IKO). If one understands both instruments as sound projectors, sound textures in sculpturally entangled states, spatially demarcated sound layers and scenographies can be composed and perceived in a way, scarcely producible in this ensemble constellation until now.
The piece attempts to discover the shared perceptual spectrum of both instruments in dialogue and thus to expand the aesthetic possibilities of spatial composition in the present.

A production by Susanne Fröhlich & Gerriet K. Sharma in cooperation with Acker Stadt Palast Berlin. Supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V. and A9 Styria.





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