Space-sound composition for double bass, 3-9-3 3D sound projector and subwoofer

Kneer/gksh 2022

B i r d L 0 re is a man-machine hybrid piece that deals with the question of potential instrumentality between the double bass as object and sound body, the bass player and a 3-9-3 3D sound projector that creates sculpture-like sound objects. This creates moments of experiential augmented reality in the performance space.
The 3-9-3 3D sound projector was developed in 2019 at the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics Graz (IEM) in a collaboration between scientists and sound artist and composer Gerriet K. Sharma (gksh), and had been tested for performance practice by gksh from 2020 in Berlin.

This is an instrument that, similar to the IKO, generates highly focused beams and projects phantom sound sources onto reflective surfaces. The loudspeaker instrument can be used in various sound installation setups as well as in concerts.

BirdL0re explores how sculptural entities relate to the sound corporeality of the soloist. As in Semaphor, but with the spatial and gestural differences of double bass and soloist, the spatiality of synthetic sound production and the immobility of its actual technical source (the 3D sound projector) is declined in a 45-minute duo.

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