Installation Art IEM Graz

2015 – Theory seminar on origins, history and practices of (sound-)installation art. Conception and lectures “Wahlfach” computer music at IEM Graz.

wiretapped voids cologne

2013 – 2015 – 14 tracks, 1 Booklet. Originally we were searching for the last building in the series of works {kA}: Oblivious to Gravity in Cologne. For this we received a generous funding by the SK-foundation Cologne. But for 1,5 years it seemed to be impossible to find a vacant building or better to […]

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Sound Design in Narrative Media, IEM Graz

Design & Research1: Together with Marko Ciciliani gksh developed, conceived and taught the new subject within the programme of the Masterstudies Sound Design at KUG/FH/Joanneum Graz.

Burg Giebichenstein Halle

2010/2011 3 workshops on image-sound relations in film und experimental movie, text-sound compositions (ars acoustica) and sound-installations in the class zeitbasierte Künste (Michaela Schweiger) of Diplom-Studiengang Plastic at Kunsthochschule Burg Giebichenstein Halle.      



2007-2009 I_LAND – an ambisonic spatial sound composition PREMIERE 07.04.2009 IEM CUBE, Graz. There are wishes and desires that are too strong for the constraints of our earthly lives,that we could surely search for a state of being, in which they become winged,carried by an element to islands, where they can rest. NOVALIS For the […]

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gleAM – an ambisonic sound sculpture for BESSY II VSR and an icosahedral loudspeaker. A cooperation between reserachers of the Department of Accelerator Physics at the Helmholtz-Center Berlin and gksh. Premiere at Kontakte Festival, Akademie der Künste Berlin on 30.09.2017. AND Helmholtz-Center Berlin on 17.11.2017 with a total of four performances. www.helmholtz-berlin.de www.wissenswertes.de A radio report […]