Oumuamua on ICELAND

08.09.2022 – 11.09.2022 – gksh in collaboration with Marc Sinan’s “Oumuamua” at Nordic House Reykjavik as part of the Goethe Morph* Iceland Festival.

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06.10.2022 – This year, the conference AUDIO MOSTLY is orbiting the topic: “What you hear is what you see? Perspectives on modalities in sound and music interaction”. For the opening event at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, gksh performed the solo set critical mass with IKO and, together with Susanne Fröhlich, the composition for Helder Tenor Recorder and IKO Semaphor.

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17.04 & 18.04.2022 – Recording gksh’s IKO compositions mirage 1-6 and gleAM for two days in the famous Saal 1 of the Funkhaus Berlin. Together with Jonathan Dreyfus and Jan Urbiks the aim was to determine the optimal microphone setup for this kind of room-sound composition for subsequent studio mixes.

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New Year 2022

Thank you everyone for a very intense year 2021! ALL THE BEST FOR 2022. STAY SAFE AND SOUND !!!!

Lecture at the annual SAR conference 2021

05.04.2021 – gksh gives a lecture and report on the activities of the Special Interest Group “Spatial Aesthetics and Artificial Environments” infront of an international audience at the Society of Artistic Research conference Vienna.Read More

IKO gksh edition 1 – 10

18.02.2021 – new start at LOFT Funkhaus Berlin: gksh starts working on a complete review of his IKO sound sculptures preparing a new publication.

2021 !

I sincerely hope that everyone has come through the last year healthy and well!



3-9-3 project at IEM Graz

After years of composing music and sound sculptures for the IKO, IEM and gksh are going to develop a new artistic research project for the 3-9-3 array built by Stefan Riedel at IEM.Read More

OSIL Farewell To OSIL

10.01.2019 – After almost 4 years the artistic-research project “Orchestrating Space by Icosahedral Loudspeaker” (OSIL) has come to a very happy ending. We would like to say thank you to all the contributors, colleagues, guests, listeners, curators, friends. IT WAS A PLEASURE.

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Talk at Kuenstlerhaus Graz

08.11.2018 – 06:00 p.m. – Round table – gksh, Constantinos Miltiadis, Elisabeth Fiedler, and Juergen Dehm – ON Immersion, Sculpture and Sound.Read More

Performance at Kunstverein München

13.07.2018 – For the opening of Brud’s  “The Donut of Confusion” show Aditya Mandayam, gksh and Juan-Pablo Villegas where re-interpreting the space of “große Halle” at Kunstverein München as an audio-visual Ambisonics instrument in a live performance.



I wish you all the very best for 2018!

Thank you for 2017!




Lecture and concert at Sounding out the Space Dublin

An International Conference on the Spatiality of Sound
2‒4 November 2017A collaboration between DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama, the Dublin School of Creative Arts and GradCAM

Lecture on verbalization of sculptural sound phenomena in loudspeaker environments.

grrawe (8 channel version) ist part of the concert programme.

gksh Edgard Varèse professor 17/18

gksh was announced next Edgard-Varèse guest professor of DAAD and TU Berlin.

The activities within the professorship will be titled SPATIAL PRACTICES I-X.
gksh will be teaching two main seminars Composing Sculptural Sound Phenomena in Computer Music and Spatial Concepts in the Sonic Arts as well as hosting a series of interviews on spatial practices with invited guests, playing concerts, and composing new pieces for the IKO and the TU Berlin WFS system.

“Semaphor” with Susanne Fröhlich

gksh starts with the work on Semaphor, a space sound composition for IKO and Helder Tenor Recorder.
A collaboration with Susanne Fröhlich.

“das Meer – the Sea” live at Analog Lucerne

6:30 p.m.
Bundesstrasse, Lucerne

Performative live radio play for one speaker and live electronics
das Meer – the Sea is a three-part literary-musical narrative by the Suhrkamp author Gunther Geltinger and the sound artist and composer Geriet K. Sharma.

Speaker: Verena Lercher
Live electronics: gksh
Voices: Simon T. Roden I Georgette Dee

Length 33’00’’

IKO Tour 2017

07.06. – 18.06.2017
gksh and Frank Schultz at the three week IKO Tour.
Lectures, performances and concerts at HAW Hambrug, KONTAKTE festival Berlin and at ZKM Karlsruhe.


IKO Cologne Concert

8 p.m.
University of Applied Sciences – Karl-Schüssler Saal

Concert with mirage 1, 4 & 6 and the IKO.

{kA}: Oblivous to Gravity at European Sound Art Award 2016

Sklupturen-Museum Glaskasten Marl

… The room chosen by the composer – the FRENCH PAVILLION IN ZAGREB – is itself the important instrument here. What is examined both inside and outside: the space as an element of the compositional process. Not least by virtue of its structural characteristics and the materials used, which exert a decisive influence on its acoustic properties and give rise to continously varying effects. Linked to this is the idea of creating and shaping the definition of space, of places and non-places … (ish)


7:30 p.m.
Ira-Malaniuk-Saal, Reiterkaserne Graz

Defense: Composing with Sculptural Sound Phenomena in Computer Music

“das Meer – the Sea” at Luzerner Theater

8 p.m.
Box of LT

Performatives Live-Hörstück für Sprecher, Stimmen und Live-Elektronik
das Meer – the Sea is a three-part literary-musical narrative by the Suhrkamp author Gunther Geltinger and the sound artist and composer Gerriet K. Sharma.Read More

“Eadweard’s Ear – Muybridge extended” rehearsal start Berlin

SPACE-RESERACH project by Peneolope Wehrli

Choreographic development and dance: Jutta Hell, Dieter Baumann (Rubato)
Programming and Interface-Design: Joa Glasstetter
Composition and Musical direction: gksh
Reacitve Ensemblecomposition for basson, e-guitar, percussion and live-electronic

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfond Berlin


“blist” at ZHdK Zürich

31.01. – 04.02.1016
3rd rehearsal phase with Verena Lercher and 16 record players at University of Arts Zurich.
The free production and performance group blist deals with the exploration of performative and installative techniques and methods at the interface of body, language and new media.

OSIL_Lab listening experiments 3

07.01. – 14.01.2016
Listening experiments with probands on sculptural sound phenomena by the icosahedral loudspeaker at IEM Graz.

“spatial turns” – Passing Places at Bruch and Dallas Cologne

9:30 p.m.
Bruch & Dallas, Ebertplatz Köln

spatial turns – Performance with recordplayer orchestra

Daniel Burkhardt’s video exhibition uses two contiguous gallery rooms and also includes the environment of the Ebertplatz. Due to the arrangement of 8 identical record players in both gallery rooms, the visual setting is varied. 8 records produced for the screening are placed, exchanged, superimposed, processed and carried between the rooms within the performance. The process connects acoustically and physically perceptible the levels of the given situation in the video image, in the gallery space and on the corner of Ebertplatz.

The performance takes place at the nxnw festival.

brittle film – Passing Places at Bruch & Dallas, Cologne

10 p.m.
Bruch & Dallas, Ebertplatz, Köln

brittle film – Music for a video

Within a concert for solo live electronics, the video work Passing Places is accompanied like 100 years ago in the cinema silent film era. The concert follows a linear structure, which develops acoustically through the entire length of the video. The video is played twice as a loop during this time. Through the mixing of the respective structures, an encounter of the just experienced in form of memory comes with the impression of what has just been newly felt.
Audiovisual perception is addressed and readable in the concert as such.

The concert takes place at the nxnw festival.

“graphic below” at ICSA 2015

The HOA spatial sound composition graphic below is part of the Long Ambisonics Night at the ICSA 2015.
The concert will be broadcasted live by Ö1.


Three weeks of composing, writing and researching with the IKO and the OSIL-group at Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics Graz.

Concert at EPARM Festival Graz

7 p.m.
MUMUTH, György Ligeti hall
Lichtenfelsgasse 14, Graz

Within the context of the EPARM festival gksh gives a concert at the concert evening of the artistic doctoral school Graz.


Izlog Festival Zagreb — Concert 1

8:30 p.m.
French Pavillion
SC Savska cesta 25, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Three pieces for an icosahedral speaker at the French Pavilion Zagreb at the Izlog-festival for Soundart and experiemental music.
The concert is also the opening event for the three year FWF/PEEK project OSIL.



PEEK application “Orchestrating Space by Icosahedral Loudspeaker” was accepted

Orchestrating Space by Icosahedral Loudspeaker

The application by Franz Zotter, Matthias Frank und gksh was accepted by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) within the framework of the Programme for Arts-based Reseach (PEEK).
For the next three years the group will work on spatial sound research and composition with the IEM-Icosahedral Loudspeaker.


“das Meer-the Sea” and “RISS-CRACK” at Tuscany Hall Wuerzburg

7:30 p.m.
Tuscany Hall of the Residency Wuerzburg

The Institute of Musicology will present both radiophonic hearplays das Meer (the Sea) and RISS-(TEAR) by Suhrkamp author Gunther Geltinger and gksh in a loudspeaker concert at the Tuscany Hall in the Wuerzburg residency.

Inbetween the two works, Oliver Wiener talks with the author and the composer about the joint work.


MUMUTH Labor Graz

22 .04. – 27.04.2014
Installation of I_LAND for the 29-speaker dome of the György Ligeti Hall and testing of the Icosahedral loudspeaker for concert performance at MUMUTH Graz.


Interspecies Performance Circle at Spreehalle Berlin

02.09.2022 – 03.09.2022 – The concert installation Interspecies balances on the threshold between space-time dimensions: Auditory and visual demarcations are here unbalanced and “a-synchronized” Five performative sound compositions make the manifold facets between human and non-human actors audible. Read More


05/2022 – In 2020 gksh’s chapter “Surrounded by Immersion – Means of Post-Democratic Warfare” was published in the book “The Ultra Black of Music” by the iconic label Mille Plateaux. The book was accompanied by a selection of tracks released on the same label. From this release, gksh’s binaural spatial sound model “firniss redux” was now selected for the lumbung radio project at documenta 15.

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gskh started testing the  new 393 spatial sound projector systems that he built in collaboration with Stefan Riedel and Richard Lucchesi at spaes Lab’s lab’s prototyping workshop for artistic, design, and aesthetical research and experimentation.

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simmmrrrnnn for 393

28.12.2019 – a chamber ensemble adaption of the WFS piece for 393 and SUB.

SIMMRRRRRN with WFS at HAW Hamburg

14.08.2018 – After first experiments with the Wave Field Synthesis systems at TU studios Berlin and UdK/Sound Studies Berlin, the new spatial sound-composition was installed and further developed at the Department for Informatics of HAW Hamburg.

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Semaphor Lab

09.05 – 12.05.2018 – Research and Rehearsals for the new piece for Helder Tenor Recorder and IKO at IEM Graz with Susanne Fröhlich.

Hugh crash-so far-not guilty

30.04. – 01.05.2018 – First works on new piece for solo bassoon and 4 headphones.1 with Stephanie Hupperich.

Premiere 2019 year in Berlin.

gleAM at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

16.11. – 17.11.2017 –  Final concert of the cooperation between Hemholtz-Zentrum Berlin and gksh.

After two years of research, exchange and composition the results will be presented in 4 concerts within 2 days in the BESSY II building at Adlershof Berlin.

”Semaphor” continued

Continuing the work on Semaphor within the Edgard Varèse professorship at TU Berlin (Spatial Practices V). A space sound composition for IKO and Helder Tenor Recorder.
A collaboration with Susanne Fröhlich.

“Eadweard’s Ears – Muybridge extended” Premiere Berlin

Berliner Editionen 1-4
08.02 – 11.02.2017
7:30 p.m.
Uferstudios Berlin

An interface for composers, dancers and musicians.

Concept and direction: Penelope Wehrli
Composition and Musical direction: Gerriet K. Sharma
Choreographic development and dance: Jutta Hell, Dieter Baumann (Rubato)
Electric guitar: Alejandra Cardenas
Bassoon: Stephanie Hupperich
Percussion: Alexander Nickmann

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfond Berlin.

BESSY II VSR sound sculptures from light impulses at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

Cooperation between the research group at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin and gksh of BESSY II VSR.

By mid-2017 five sound sculptures will be produced using the icosahedral loudspeaker on the basis of the synchrotron data.
The storage ring BESSY II VSR in Adlershof produces extremely brilliant photon pulses from the long-wave terahertz range to the hard X-ray radiation.

“mirage 5 & 6”

In the cause of the OSIL-project and the final works for the doctorate at the artistic-scientific doctoral school of the KUG the experiments and compositional processes have started.

Building-Sound composition for the French Pavillion at the Music Biennale Zagreb

{kA}: Oblivious to Gravity – series
Curated by Davorka Begovic

gksh will create a new building-sound composition for the historical building of the French Pavillion at the Music Biennale Zagreb.
The compositon will be premiered on 18.04.2015 at 11:59 p.m.

Further performances on the following seven evenings at the same time.

“Gegenwart der Erinnerung” at Schauspielhaus Graz

7:30 p.m.
Schauspielhaus Graz

Spatial sound compoistion for the theatre play Gegenwart der Erinnerung by Gert Jonke.

Director: Christiane Pohle
Set and Costume: Penelope Wehrli
Composition: gksh
Percussion: Matthias Frank
Trumpet / Flugelhorn: Lukas Hirzberger

with Sebastian Reiß I Christoph Rothenbuchner I Philine Bührer I Florian Köhler I Thomas Frank I Franz Xaver Zach I Gerhard Balluch I Franziska Benz



New Paper on Sculptural Qualities

Together with former OSIL members Matthias Frank and Franz Zotter gksh has published the results from listening tests “Evaluation of Three Auditory-Sculptural Qualities Created by an Icosahedral Loudspeaker” in Applied Sciences.

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CD-Recordings of Semaphor at CUBE/IEM

23.02 – 25.02.2019 – Dummy head recording of spatial sound-composition Semaphor for Helder tenor recorder and IKO at CUBE, Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics Graz with Susanne Fröhlich und Frank Schultz.

The Hudson Review New York on gleAM

Last year the final concert of the Edgard Varèse professorship at SIM Berlin was reviewed by the New York quarterly magazine of literature and the arts The Hudson Review. The article “Curious Conjunctions in Berlin” wonderfully written by Elizabeth Lyon can be found online here (gleAMreview) – scroll down until you see the IKO….! and was one of the finest, unexpected incidents of 2018. Read More

{kA}: Oblivious to Gravity / building sound-compositions / Haus Johannes Graz

Sharma G.K., Bergmann N. – {kA}: Oblivious to Gravity, building sound-compositions Haus Johannes Graz –  in: yearbook of the Institute for Art in Public Spaces 2014 and Public Art – Art in Public Spaces Styria 2012/13. Edition by Elisabeth Fiedler and Dirk Möllmann, Publishing house for Modern Art Vienna (AT).



31.05.2022 – gksh was invited to give the one-day workshop “Beyond the visual – impossible phenomena of sound – AND/OR speculative aesthetics in spatial audio” for the Sound Studies spatialization class at UdK Berlin.Read More

Concecpts of Virtual Spaces at Hafencity University Hamburg

06.11.2020 – gksh and Martin Thiering are giving a new seminar at Hafencity University Hamburg in the winter term. Perception of spaces in linguistics, arts and sciences will be the main focus of the theoretical and practical research considering virtuality as a part of everyday life.

OSIL final Symposium

13.09. – 14-09.2018 – The sympoisium finalizes our compact spherical loudspeaker array research from the past 4 years, Orchestrating Space by Icosahedral Loudspeaker (OSIL).Read More

Workshop at HfBK Hamburg

26.01. – 27.01.2018
– with the experimental film class Katharina Pethke.
Reflections on sound-picture relations: strategies, experiments and fears of loss.



Keynote performance at MusA Karlsruhe

3 p.m.
University for Music Karlsruhe
with Elena Ungeheuer performing the keynote for the conference on Sound in Music Karlsruhe.

Space Always Matters. Does Spatialized Music Tell Us Any News?

Lecture Recital & Concert at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Haus der Kulturen der Welt
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin

SYMPOSIUM – Artistic Needs and Institutional Desires

Are we – here OR there – together?
Composing with Sculptural Sound Phenomena in Computer Music
Towards a shared perceptual Space

Lecture and concert with Icosahedral loudspeaker


Izlog Festival Zagreb – Lecture

6 p.m.
Savska cesta 25, 10000 Zagreb – Croatia

Lecture about spatial practices and the OSIL project at the festival centre.


Lecture on Building-Sound Compositions Music Biennale Zagreb

3 p.m.
MM, SC Center
Savska cesta 25, 10000 Zagreb – Croatia

After completing the building-sound composition for and with the French Pavilion in Zagreb gksh gives a lecture on the series of works and the ensemble {kA}: Chambers for Space Inquiries.

Workshop at HFBK Hamburg

22.11. – 23.11.2014
HFBK Hamburg

Reflections on sound-picture relations: strategies, experiments and fears of loss.



Residency at ZKM Karlsruhe

TALK with Ludger Brümmer within the framework of IMA lab No.22.
6 p.m.

gksh will continue his work on the spatial sound composition graphic below during his residency at the Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe.