As composer and sound artist I perpetually engage with the besieged, the imperilled, the resistant space, and the forces of its influence. Within this realm, I am aiming for the creation of a place of equilibrium—a utopia of balance. My artistic practice is an inquiry into the politics of hearing and listening, aiming to uncover the underlying mechanisms of power and hierarchical historiographies as they manifest in the modern capitalist era. Here, spatial occupation, sound reproduction, and economic acceleration have evolved in sync, perpetuating colonialist and patriarchal biases in the making and experiencing of sound. Conventions of representation collude with ideologies, desires, and discourses. Through the utilisation of advanced loudspeaker environments, beamforming loudspeakers, 3D-audio, and sound sculpting projectors, I seek to formulate an alternative and open invitation to the listener, sharing an extended ontology of sonic spatial arts by composing sound as space. The fact that I have chosen this sonic practice from the outset and without exception is due to my enduring fascination for the potential of the subtle compositional possibilities and the constantly problematic relationship between time, space, and body within the framework of a so-called (virtual) reality of the "Now."