The exploitation of rare earths is a multifaceted and intricate process, characterised by its lack of sustainability and immense profitability. Behind the facade of economic prosperity lies an ideology driven by a simple yet powerful equation: meet growing demand while simultaneously promoting consumption to perpetuate that demand. This relentless cycle operates without regard for anything beyond its immediate function, disregarding any form of regulation or ethical consideration.

The sound composition mirrors this cycle, initiating a feedback loop with a Neodymium microphone and speaker fueled by a computer scanning three samples. An intricate algorithm reshapes incoming signals into granular fragments, creating a seamless auditory experience. As the feedback evolves, fresh material pushes sound exploration boundaries. Intensified feedback strains the speaker, causing deformation and rupture of the membrane. Acoustic phenomena are captured by stereo and full-sphere microphones, documenting the evolving spatial sonic breakdown.

The piece will be listened to quite likely with Neodym headphones or loudspeakers.