The old tannery at Anna-Neumann-Straße 20 in Murau, Austria, encompasses 600m2 of accessible building-sound composition. After several weeks of exploration, and an inquiry to uncover the atmospheric properties of the spatial complex, it became clear that the building has to be divided into sections. As an appropriate compositional response, I developed a spatial sound score that anticipates three sound zones: cellar, living quarters, and workshop using 32 loudspeakers and three interlinked computers. The audience can move freely throughout the building or sit on chairs that I placed in a scene depending on the acoustic axis and resonant areas. In this way, the composed interplay between the building, the sounds in the building’s surroundings and the electroacoustic soundscape as well as the installation can be passed or heard while sitting as if at a concert. The audience becomes part of the scenography. Movements inside and outside of the building produce noises that are integrated into the atmosphere of each spatial zone or which are in turn placed in relation to the listener’s surrounding soundscape and/or combined into a single atmosphere by other visitors in their perception, walking or sitting, visually or acoustically.