Number 4 Sauraugasse, the vacant building is right in the middle of the city of Graz but at the same time it is a hidden place, a void, hard to find on the map. A non-place for which I created a six-part spatial sound composition with 32 loudspeakers mounted at distinct spots, playing with different and moving spatial textures in regard to the acoustics of the building and the environmental sounds. This segmentation gives the listener's ears an orientation as they flow through the building hinting at a familiarity with the unknown and the space itself. Furthermore, swelling and decaying bass structures are pumped from time to time into the area of the restrooms until the walls start to vibrate. These vibrations and rattling are used as percussive elements and physically placed in the middle of the sound composition. The sounds change as they move through the building depending on the filtering of the individual elements of each room. A sound occurs as a listener is passing by, then disappears into a course of continual repetition throughout the building’s spatial fabric, tracing a line through the space that gets thinner and thinner towards the end before becoming nothing more than a memory only to come back again, get closer and leave again.