For my initial venture into building-sound composition, I outfitted the windows of Villa 03 with contact microphones to capture audio recordings during both morning and nighttime hours. Subsequently, I processed the collected sound data by filtering and amplifying specific frequencies before strategically distributing them across various areas of the building. A total of 21 loudspeakers were carefully installed inside and outside the villa, interconnected to form a sophisticated multichannel sound system. Notably, the basement's speakers, particularly those positioned near the washbasin, generated pronounced low-frequency vibrations. Leveraging these vibrations, I intricately propagated them through the wooden stairwell and into the coat room, enhancing the spatial acoustics throughout the villa. In addition to this architectural manipulation of sound, I devised a feedback system designed to evoke responsive interactions within the acoustic environment. In addition, I employed various tuned sinus generators aimed at individual rooms to evoke specific moods imbued by their unique characteristics, facilitating modulation and composition. Moreover, the street adjacent to the house, "Am Galgenberg," served as a crucial anchor point for all subsequent deliberations: volumes, frequencies, and movements within the building, along with each sound constellation, were juxtaposed against the backdrop of passing cars, bus schedules, and pedestrian activity.

The culmination of these efforts resulted in a six-movement sound composition designed to be experienced by a maximum of four individuals simultaneously, seated on the carpet nestled in the corner of the stairwell.