"{kA}: Oblivious to Gravity" is a project series that delves into the artistic exploration of building-sound compositions. Beginning in Graz in 2010, the initiative has transformed six abandoned buildings across different European cities into sonic spaces, seamlessly integrating them as vital and tangible elements within multi-channel sound compositions. As part of this endeavour, a series of compositions, crafted with an acute awareness of and in harmony with the unique characteristics of these diverse buildings, have been developed for future reference. Moreover, the project embodies an artistic perspective within the discourse on sound, noise, urbanism, architecture, and perception.

For the compositional process, I developed the loudspeaker tool "issit": In Situ Sound Installation Toolkit, in cooperation with the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics Graz. "issit" offers the possibility to capture and create interactivity between sound and space, especially for installations tailored to specific physical and spatial contexts. It enables playing and improvising with sound and spatiality, exploring acoustic architecture and different materialities, as well as documenting the working process and capturing site-specific phenomena through recording. The technical tools provided allow for creating and fine-tuning sound installations in situ. The French Pavilion was the fifth building I composed for.