Workshop on spatial composition with the IKO Cologne

Workshop, three days 24 / 26 / 27 July 10 am – 16:00 pm
Kunstraum Fuhrwerkswaage, Bergstr 79, 50999 Cologne (line 16 to station Sürth).

In cooperation with Kunstraum Fuhrwerkswaage, Georg Dietzler Cologne and sonible Graz.

The workshop will provide an introduction to the functions and the space-compository possibilities of the IKO loudspeaker developed at the IEM Graz. The loudspeaker can bundle sound beams so strongly that reflecting surfaces can be used as virtual sound sources. This allows a completely different orchestration and excitation of the architectural space than with conventional multi-channel loudspeaker systems.

The workshop is intended to enable the participants to learn the basic steps in working with the prototype loudspeaker and architecture, experimenting with their own sound-space sketches.