Special Interest Group for Spatial Aesthetics and Artificial Environments

21.02.2020 – The Society for Artistic Research has welcomed gksh and 10 affiliates as a Special Interest group (SIG) within the framework of the organisation.

The idea is to found a group of media theorists, composers, media artists, performers and architects (+…) for the interdisciplinary delineation of the field. Therefore the group shall start with multidisciplinary research on the social impact of space(s) in our society to be able to define certain strategies dealing with the multi-layered meanings of space in the mediatized everyday and the arts. Every member will provide an interdisciplinary bibliography, mirroring the most important media productions, tools, literature, performances (etc.) in his or her respective field.

This network of links and references will be opened to the public as well as are the topics and their joint projects of the group. After the first year this shall lead to a joint statement on hybrid (n-)spaces and their production in the Now.

For that the catalogue shall be used as a platform of the SIG.
Moreover an annual meeting and a publication would be desirable.

In the following year the group shall work on practical models in small joint projects (e.g. in VR, 3D audio, lecture performances, publications, concerts etc.) that exemplify the ideas and assumptions originating from the mutual exchange.

The aim is to foster a heightened awareness of the productions of spaces and their means (e.g. language, furniture, sound, VR, etc.). By this the alternative use of the respective production tools and procedures might lead to an alternative perception of the field (different from cinema, different from Netflix, different from concert settings, different from architecture).


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