melt – a six channel sound-composition / 7’53”.
PREMIERE 2009 at Internationale Stage Workshop for Dance, Graz.
Installation at Chargesheimer-Prize Exhibition, BBK Cologne, 2009.

The whole piece was developed from a single recording of melting ice.

The basic idea was to compose a sculptural multichannel piece using the process of melting, changing from solid to liquid, as a paradigm for its overall form and the state of concentrated listening.

The whole sonic material was developed from a single track of recorded melting ice. A piezo-pickup was put into a plastic bowl filled with water and stored inside a freezer. After 24 hours the frozen cube was taken out. The XLR-cable was plugged into an audio interface and the crackling, melting ice recorded for one hour.

The sound material was processed over a period of two months with diverse software tools (e.g. Composers Desktop Project (CDP), Super Collider patches) – and then composed and spatialized in Ambisonics. No additional sounds where used.

STRUCTURE – coordinates and tangents
In the beginning the audience sits in a static condition in which relations between fixed points in space are established. These tangents might describe cracks (from A to B) or at least form spatial entities for perception that represent unstable structures within a given set of coordinates. Fields
Through rhythmical changes and pitch variations the static scene transforms into a deformation. Dialogues between smaller entities are developed, tangents become fields.


Chargesheimerstipendium – Exhibition at BBK, Cologne 2009.

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