Insonic17 workshop


09.12.2017, ZKM Karlsruhe, Media Theatre

In computer music plastic sound objects have increasingly appeared in different sound projection techniques over the last 60 years. The icosahedral loudspeaker (IKO by IEM and sonible), a research and development result of the Graz based Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics together with the company sonible, is the first compact 3rd order Ambisonics based sound emitter. Thus, the IKO is capable of three-dimensional beam forming and can be used as a portable musical instrument for composing sound sculptures. The artistic results of this approach considerably differ from those using multichannel loudspeaker setups. The contribution presents theory on sculptural sound composition and musical work that was composed for the IKO during gksh’s PhD period to investigate the usage of sound sculptures and their verbalization in electro-acoustic music composition.

Aystematical demonstration of 90 minutes considering the deployed beam forming, sound sculpture composition techniques, aspects of staging the IKO as well as the introduction of the vIKO (virtual IKO) and headtracking as compositional tools in the process of 3D electroacoustic composition.

By this we conclude our first introductory workshop at Insonic2015 by presenting the results from subsequent efforts in research, performance, composition and modelling in 3D Audio.

(OSIL: Franz Zotter, Matthias Frank, Markus Zaunschirm, Florian Wendt, gksh)

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