I_LAND – an ambisonic spatial sound composition
PREMIERE 07.04.2009 IEM CUBE, Graz.

There are wishes and desires that are too strong for the constraints of our earthly lives,that we could surely search for a state of being, in which they become winged,carried by an element to islands, where they can rest.

For the composition of I_LAND, I delved into the phenomenon island for two years.I recorded and documented the raw material for the composition during my residency at kunst:raum Syltquelle on the island of Sylt in April of 2008. But what is presented in the end is not a collage of original sounds nor is it a soundscape catalogue. The descriptions and the (historical, literary, mythological, geographical, etc) interpretations and constellations of the respective recording locations played a large role in the content and form of the sculptural sound composition.

2009 the piece was presented at Neu/NOW festival Vilnius and the Chargesheimer-Price exhibition with headphones-installations.
2014 the work is presented in a revised version for the new IEM mobile Ambisonics-Dome at Darmstädter Summer Courses and was part of the gksh solo-concert at signale-graz.
After several concerts and presentations the composition was adapted for the loudspeaker dome of the ZKM Karlsruhe and became part of it´s repertoire.
The work was documented with a binaural recording and a CD-box.
The rendering was implemented by Martin Rumori.

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Over a period of three years I tried to develop a unique form of spatial music in Ambisonics environments. The basic idea was not only to use a certain given technical setup for yet another electro-acoustical composition but to search for its artistic gestural possibilities, artefacts and properties and at the same time find a way of using these on a subject that refers to our everyday lives. My thesis is that this kind of 3D sound-projection can be both: Concrete a sound projecting technique and an utopian construct enabling the composer to create sound objects that only exist within this special setup but do hint and refer to forms and states outside its physical boarders an medial constellations. While understanding the technical aspects I approached the phenomenon of the island. In this context I carried out a comprehensive research in the literary, mythological, geographical and historical background of the subject. When do we talk of islands, where and how do islands appear and disappear, what is an insular situation, what is an insular sound? Thus I sculptured space-related constellations of sound sources, clusters and fields according to insular models derived from the mentioned research and realized in my artistic language.

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