disloyal and treasurable practices

disloyal and treasurable practices – a composition for earplugs and changing environments.

Music becomes a pacing device, a screen to block out noises of the environment.
In a world in which passive listening is often the norm, the success of any music made intentionally to be listened to actively is endangered.
(LEIGH LANDY, The Art of Sound Organization)

From the initial total tuning of the group by the group, countless individualized sound bubbles emerge – auditory microspheres in which relative freedom of heraring is realized. This tendency is compounded by the connection of portable cassettes or CD players with headphones – an insulation technique that equates to the introduction of the acoustic micro-apartment into public space; you could also speak of an acoustic diving suit
(SLOTERDIJK, Spheres III / Foams)

The work comprises 11 binaural sound sculptures with a temporla extent of 3’30” each.
There is a testtone on top of the tracklist.
The volume of the mobile music player shall be adjusted so that one can just barely hear this tone.
The work is conceived as an permanent companion, a ” head internal” permeable sound shell for everyday situations.
Inside and outside blend according to the personal intensity of attention, aural focus and density of audiovisual events of the current environment.

There are 30 data carrying SD-cards, packed into plastic sachets with pictogram scores.
Dissemination proceeds only by hand to hand transfer or digital data copy.


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