cornerghostaxis # 1

PREMIERE 27.02.2009 IEM CUBE Graz, IMPULS-Academy.
cornerghostaxis # 1
– an electroacoustic composition for solo bassoon

2009 invited to Bodily Expression in Electronic Music Symposium (BEEM) at MUMUTH Graz.
2011 invited to New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), Oslo.
In the context of the piece I tried to establish a gestural relationship between the soloist’s sound and playing, the spatial rhythms and four Ambisonic sources which can be moved lifted, placed, turned around the audience and varied in volume by using the Vicon tracking environment by the soloist. While the electronic sounds are played back with a fixed time line in the tradition of analog tape compositions, the architecture of the composition within the listening room changes in relation to the moves and turns of the players body. Depending on the dynamics with which the soloist enters the game and her gesticulation with the “colleagues” in the process, she varies the piece even in its perceived temporal extent for the audience.

Bassoon: Stephanie Hupperich
Composition: gksh
Physical Modeling and Interaction Design: David Pirrò








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