Copia – a sound installation for historic keyboard instruments and 20 loudspeakers by Oliver Wiener and gksh
At the Institute of Music Research University of Wuerzburg: Study-collection of musical instruments.
For the sound installation Copia, resonances were recorded from a group of historical instruments and processed with various software tools and filters.


What happens when the recorded sound, separated from its source, is altered in the computer and then – in the vicinity of it´s source  – is made audible again?

In contrast to many other sound art works, here – sound is not decontextualised or “robbed” of its origin and treated as “concrete” music, it also does not emerge – after a chain of alterations as something quite different (e.g. a sound object)  in order to be spatialized. We hear sounds in Copia, those of the visible instruments. Sometimes the sounds are more familiar – e.g. they are assignable to the sound generator – sometimes they seem alien, then they have (apparently) nothing in common with their source. In this distance between familiar and strange, possible and impossible, played and processed – the work wants to play with the auditory experience of the visitor.


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