Aesthetic Po(e)tentials in Arts and Technologies: Lecture, Talk and Concert at IKG/

DART Madrid

18.10. – 20.10. 2019
 – gksh was invited as a guest professor to DART, the programme for doctoral students 
at Katarina Gurska Institute for Artistic Research (IKG) Madrid.

Within three days gksh was giving a lecture on artistic research in the overlap of arts and sciences and a talk on the production of spaces in the sonic arts. Saturday afternoon was  covered with student’s listening experiments and projects in public spaces. The evening was dedicated to a curated concert of multi-channel pieces, each dealing with spatiality in a unique and aesthetically remarkable way. On Sunday the group built and discussed the sound installation “lose enden”.


More Projects


A spatial sound-composition for Helder Tenor Recorder and IKO. Premiere 25th and 26th October 2018 at Acker Stadt Palast Berlin. “Semaphor” is a spatial sound-composition for two pioneering instruments, which are explored both practically and theoretically by the artists Susanne Fröhlich and gksh: Helder Tenor recorder and the Icosahedral loudspeaker (IKO). If one understands both […]

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gleAM – an ambisonic sound sculpture for BESSY II VSR and an Icosahedral Loudspeaker. A cooperation between researchers of the Department of Accelerator Physics at the Helmholtz-Center Berlin and gksh. Premiere at KONTAKTE Festival, Academy of Arts Berlin on 30.09.2017 and four performances at Helmholtz-Center Berlin on 17.11.2017. Also performed at INSONIC2017 conference at ZKM […]


Installation Art IEM Graz

2015 – Theory seminar on origins, history and practices of (sound-)installation art. Conception and lectures “Wahlfach” computer music at IEM Graz.