Lecture Performance by {kA}: Chambers for Space Inquiries at tanzhaus NRW

The lecture performance Reverb – between manipulation, simulation and situation takes place on at the symposium Frequenzdialoge. Zum Medieneinsatz in Tanz und Medienkunst and the festival Temps d’images at tanzhaus nrw, Duesseldorf.

Above all, we perceive spaces in their physical condition due to the quality of their acoustic reverberation. Since reverberation can also be technically manipulated or even completely newly designed, the hearing impression is more and more detached from the perception of the actually existing space. Today artificially generated reverberation in recording studios has become a matter of course. By selected examples, the lecture deals with function, use and agency of hall-effect devices through history to the present, and finally asks what happens if we concentrate on the experience of rooms with their architectural properties again