{kA}: Oblivious to Gravity at Atelier Klangforschung Wuerzburg

11 a.m.
Villa 23, Emil-Hilb-Weg
Hubland Nord, Wuerzburg

Lecture on strategies, techniques and mysteries of the series of works {kA}: Oblivious to Gravity.

The project series {kA}: Oblivious to Gravity of the {kA}: Chambers for space Inquiries (kavs.cc/de/kanzlei/) is concerned with the sound-artistic exploration of building-sound compositions. Starting in Graz, since 2010 several vacant buildings in different European cities have been utilized as sound spaces and have been understood and experienced as an integral part of multi-channel sound compositions. For this purpose a series of compositions with and in these different buildings have been and will be created. The series is made accessible to the public, documented and prepared for later headphone-listening situations.