Lecture at the annual SAR conference 2021

05.04.2021 – gksh gives a lecture and report on the activities of the Special Interest Group “Spatial Aesthetics and Artificial Environments” infront of an international audience at the Society of Artistic Research conference Vienna.After a year of activities, gksh summarised talks, workshops, readings and discussions of the SIG that was accepted by the Society of Artistic Research beginng 2020 and gave an outlook of planned, future activities.

Can we agree on what space is? Concepts, definitions and interpretations of space and of spatiality are essentially how we construct the world and by extent how we create means to intervene into that world, with our day-to-day practices.

‘Space’ thus accumulates plural constructs, poetic artifices that we collectively produce and reproduce through time, within our cultures, our sciences, our arts. Through the dimension of time, these are the spaces that serve as vehicles for adaptation and transformation, from the scale of the individual to that of collective societies and of the environment at large.

In this SIG we want to intersect different practices and discourses as heterogeneous but complementary articulations of ‘space’, that address, operate on and contribute, in different ways and capacities, to the transformation of the contemporary environment and its challenges: the social, the infrastructural, the technological, the sensory, the virtual, the built and the unbuilt.