Interspecies Performance Circle at Spreehalle Berlin

02.09.2022 – 03.09.2022 – The concert installation Interspecies balances on the threshold between space-time dimensions: Auditory and visual demarcations are here unbalanced and “a-synchronized” Five performative sound compositions make the manifold facets between human and non-human actors audible.

The clash of 3D sound projections and the performers creates previously unheard space-time artifacts, with sound architecture, body, and instrument acting as mediators of lived, social and virtual space. The higher the degree of interspecies the greater the potential to allow body-machine presences to be experienced.
The thematically linked performative setups will be set up in the Spreehalle Berlin and staged in relation to each other through two sound installations. In total, the facilities will be played by actors three times, one into the other. At this moment, the performative bodies transform the sound spaces into chiasms of composed space-time experiences in which object and subject and the assumption of a spatial unity underlying the Cartesian grid are dissolved.

B i r d L 0 re // pasdedeuX // Semaphor
Meinrad Kneer
Susanne Fröhlich
Verena Lercher
Denzel Russell
Gerriet K. Sharma