IKO/OSIL International Summer School at MUMUTH Graz

10.09. – 12.09.2018 – Within the 3-day workshop it is possible to work and experiment with the 3 IEM Icosahedral Loudspeakers (IKO). There will be enough time for discussion and exchange of concepts and ideas in between.

We will work at Ligeti Hall and an orchestra rehearsal room at MUMUTH.

IKO1, IKO2, IKO3, and the new loudspeaker cubes will be available.

Schedule Summer School:
Mo 10th : Introduction into technology and artistic techniques to orchestrate space by IKO
Working slots with IKO 1-3. Evening discussion about the IKO’s sculptural sound phenomena and their conception, production, and reproducibility.

Tue 11th: Historic spherical loudspeakers and introduction into existing works with the IKO.
Working slots with IKO 1-3.

Mi 12th : The virtual Icosahedral Loudspeaker (vIKO)
Working slots with IKO 1-3