“floating points” – Passing Places at Bruch and Dallas Cologne

8. p.m.
Bruch & Dallas, Ebertplatz Köln

floating points – Sound Installation for a video space

The exhibition of Daniel Burkhardt’s recently completed video work Passing Places, which can be visited since the 4th of September 2015 at Bruch & Dallas in Cologne, provides the occasion for another working collaboration.
floating points is a sound installation in the exhibition space installed in such a way that the two works become a third. The moving image is transferred to the sound space in terms of content and form. This auditory transfer, in turn, has an effect on the perception of the images. Coordinates are currently converted to fields, get into a flow, return and deform again.

Daniel Burkhardt and Gerriet K. Sharma have a long working relationship, an exchange on the more improbable functions of the composition of sound and image.