Final Concert – Edgard Varèse Professorship Berlin – Spatial Practices X.

Time as the DAAD Edgard Varèse guest-professor at the Electronic Studio of the TU Berlin is coming to an end soon. Cordially invitation to the closing event.

The past 6 months with two full seminars, different lectures, conferences, concerts new pieces for IKO and WFS and the late international workshop on soundsculptures in 3D environments at Hybrid Lab Berlin have been both – full and fullfilling.
The theme „Spatial Practices I. – X.“ was approached from many different angles and with overwhelming interest.
Thank you all, – participants and aides – and not least many thanks to the Hybrid Lab that was a great platform for work and communication.

The final concert takes place with the IKO
23.02.2018, 7h00 p.m. at SIM Berlin.
Introduction 6h00 p.m.
Concert 1h. Admission free.

The Curt-Sachs-Hall is ideal for loudspeaker-music and ideally situated in the Philharmonic and therefore I am glad to perform „gleAM“ in this environment.