„Spatial Research in Music and Sound as Space“ am IKG DART Madrid

16.04.2021 – gksh beendet die Workshop-Serie zum Thema „Spatial Research in Music and Sound as Space“ mit Doktoratsstudierenden des IKG DART Programmes Madrid.

Now, after a year of lockdowns and Corona reflections, the awareness of space seems to have affected all kinds of systems, including academic discourses and art, to subordinate their targets under a new paradigm within a wide range of empirical, deductive, discursive, historical, scientific and intuitive methods. However, even basic spatial descriptions, terms like “close”, “closed”, “narrow”, “high”, “low”, “far”, or “open” have drastically changed their meanings due to daily experiences with mediated campuses and online-conferences, online exhibitions and concerts as streamed events, and computer camera views of private homes. This said, it is still unclear what this means for cultural practice in terms of performance, composition, aesthetics, engineering and culture. With the help of case studies we want to research different spatial models of the past, learn how they still influence our status quo and ask how we can productively reflect this drastic paradigm shift in our works.

– Understanding spatial models as fundamental narratives of the status quo of our society
– Utilizing spatiality as a parameter in cultural production (e.g. composition, performance, sciences)
– Understanding Music as a polyvalent representation of space(s)
– Developing personal research approaches in and with space.

– Introduction in theories of space
– Introduction into the subject of space in, of and around music (case studies)
– Reflection on the audiovisual status quo
– “Re-locating“ Music in 2021