Beyond the visual – towards fluid virtual spatiotemporal environments – Workshop für OSSA Łódź –

13.10. – 20.10. 2018 – The workshop intends to explore architectural sensibilities beyond the “Visual” that the event title suggests. Starting from acoustic field experiments, participants will be called to analyse the -emergent- sonic dimension of the built environment.

Developing an awareness of the essential role that sound plays in our perception and cognition of space, we will experiment with an architectural composition that uses sound objects as building material. Contrary to the conceptual sphere of architecture which excludes such phenomena, we propose an approach intended to deepen the understanding of the non-visual aesthetics embedded in architecture. Introducing readings from various disciplines and working with both temporal and spatial digital media, the workshop intends to experiment with the spatiotemporal production of our lived environments, and eventually develop such prototypes in the virtual reality medium.