{kA}: Oblivous to Gravity

2010-2015 {kA}: Oblivous to Gravity– series of a building sound composition. >kavs Starting from Graz, six vacant buildings in different European cities were utilized as sound spaces and understood and experienced as an integral part of multi-channel sound compositions. Therefore a series of compositions with and in these buildings was created. Furthermore, empirical values ​​were […]


passing places

Daniel Burkhardt and gksh Edition 20 & 2AE, 2015 8’00” 12 inch I 45 rpm I A side The Edition passing places was created on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition by Daniel Burkhardt at Bruch & Dallas.


neodym cycle

2014 neodym cycle – published on the DEGEM CD Seltene Erden – Rare Earths Neodym belongs to the group of rare earths. Special property: Strongly magnetizing. Application: Design of super-strong magnets like Neodym-Iron-Bor-Magnets, strong magnet fields for small volumes: Turbines or highly effective electro motors, microphones or loudspeakers in smartphones, operators (hybrid- und electro-motors), enamel […]


Darmstaedter Summer Courses

03.08.2014 Lecture on strategies, techniques and mysteries of the series of works {kA} : Oblivious to Gravity {kA} : keine Ahnung von Schwerkraft“ Building Sound Compositions with vacant buildings in (half-)public spaces

disloyal and treasurable practices

2012-2013 disloyal and treasurable practices – a composition for earplugs and changing environments. Music becomes a pacing device, a screen to block out noises of the environment. In a world in which passive listening is often the norm, the success of any music made intentionally to be listened to actively is endangered. (LEIGH LANDY, The […]