2004 – 2010
NooK – Dirk Specht und gksh joined for performing and composing experimental music in the electronic ensemble NooK .
Both are alumni of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne – postgraduate program for Media Art.

The ensemble constantly re-uses and rearranges sonic material in concert situations. In addition to that, the ensemble generates and explores its own audio-archive as well as modified interconnections and new track compositions in experimental laboratory situations. The work of NooK mainly deals with subject areas like sound-music, music-space, sound-image as well as with the analysis of sound characteristics and sound perception. NooK are also experimenting with multi-channel systems, surround-technology, wave-field-synthesis and other spatialization-concepts that are increasingly included in the productions of the ensemble.




In a joint effort Carsten Goertz (Farn) Gerriet K. Sharma and Dirk Specht (NooK)(>Farn+NooK=slope) made a 3-month tour through ‘all’ of Brazil with weekly audiovisual performances at changing cities. The materials were entirely recorded on site, so that each concert would favor local features. VOIDENSITIES was comissioned by the Goethe-Institute Sao Paulo and just one part of the major cultural presentation “Kulturfest Itinerante”, featuring german cinema, theater, clubmusic and visual art in fall 2008.

The audio-visual approach was to generate a threedimensional multifaceted object and to map photographs and videos as a texture on it, blending into each other additively. The structure of the object is modulated in realtime by certain frequencies of the soundcomposition and by internal programmed behaviours.

Many thanks to the whole staff of Interior Productions, especially Evandro Almeida, Ricardo Muniz and Jussara Dias Rahal, as well as to Simone Molitor (Goethe Institute S.P.).

Tourdates: 04.07. Ribeirão Preto / 11.08. Florianópolis / 13.07. Blumenau / 19.07. Salvador / 25.07. Sobral / 26.07. Fortaleza / 02.08. São Luís do Maranhão / 08.08. Belém do Pará / 15.08. Campina Grande / 24.08. Recife / 30.08. Brasília / 31.08. Goiânia / 07.09. Belo Horizonte / 02.10. Sao Paulo


More Projects

Installation Art IEM Graz

2015 – Theory seminar on origins, history and practices of (sound-)installation art. Conception and lectures “Wahlfach” computer music at IEM Graz.

Sound Sculpture

Working in the fied of so called “spatialized music” for about 15 years I was asking myself how to describe the phenomena I was producing in loudspeaker environments better, – in other words – how to find descriptions and techniques that are knowledge- and perception-based at the same time? The aim is to find a […]

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gleAM – an ambisonic sound sculpture for BESSY II VSR and an icosahedral loudspeaker. A cooperation between researchers of the Department of Accelerator Physics at the Helmholtz-Center Berlin and gksh. Premiere at Kontakte Festival, Akademie der Künste Berlin on 30.09.2017. AND Helmholtz-Center Berlin on 17.11.2017 with a total of four performances. A radio […]

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Eadweard’s Ear – Muybridge extended

Eadweard’s Ear-Muybridge extended – an interface for composers, dancers and musicians. The dancers’ movements are transformed in real time into a graphical notation by a specially developed interface. The generated movement data are interpreted by musicians on the basis of a trained compositional structure. In turn, they evoke the immediately resulting movements of the dancers.  […]


wiretapped voids cologne

2013 – 2015 – 14 tracks, 1 Booklet. Originally we were searching for the last building in the series of works {kA}: Oblivious to Gravity in Cologne. For this we received a generous funding by the SK-foundation Cologne. But for 1,5 years it seemed to be impossible to find a vacant building or better to […]