HFBK Hamburg

25.01. – 27.01.2018
Reflections on sound-picture relations: strategies, experiments and fears of loss.

The common relations between image and sound (film music/videoclip/VJ vs. DJ, audiovisual installation)  do amount routinely to nothing more but functionality and illustration.
The field of possibilites of “imaginable” relations almost always stays un-approached.
A mutual dramaturgy existing outside of the omnipresent and frequently for security reseasons established rhythmical synchronicity e.g. of cut and musical metre, is hardly to be found.
The claim of an audiovisual language hovers over almost every work relating an audio track to a picture.


But is this promise ever going to be acuited?

The arising anxiety in the moment of failing or absence of synchronicity leads very soon to judgment of defectiveness, instability, “non-composition”. At the same time a short moment of increased attention, a fissure, a disturbance in the field of the to-be-expected is emerging. The attention in the moment of friction, the latency between audio and video is a gate for the searching of artistically utilizable narrative styles. Considering the specific charateristics of function and perception is introducing a (new) terrain regarding weighting, layering and friction of narrative style. How much detachment between sound and image can be produced, or is “allowed” and what is happening with and in this gap?

By reference to practical examples and laborative settings the workshop is trying to approach the field of tension between the two poles SOUND and IMAGE.


(First workshop at HfBK was held 22.11. – 23.11.2014.)

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