Daniel Burkhardt und Gerriet K. Sharma

The current relations between image and sound (e.g. film music, video clip, VJ&DJ) often exhaust their vocabulary by means of functionality and illustration.

A mutual dramaturgy outside the omnipresent and save practice of synchronizing image editing and the metric of sound can only scarcely be found in existing works.

TIDE is an audiovisual space related composition within which sound and image are treated equally. As sound and image operate in different dimensions the „sweet spot“ centred structure of the common audio-video formats is suspended.


Based on 9 song-like sound sketches a mesh of links and constellations is bound in which both affiliates affect each other alternately. In TIDE the common video format is divided and fanned out into the exhibition space by using tableau like canvasses as screens. The visitor is invited to migrate around these splinters and experience various sights and spatial sound movements. Within the temporal course of the composition narrative centres appear at different locations of its spatial propagation, concentrate, spread, jump and disappear again.


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